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FreVee is a new mobile application where you can sell without commission and give away what you don’t need that are in good condition to help others. With FreVee everyone wins. People within a 25-mile radius will see your ad.

Publish your articles at a low cost.

Contact the user and get your article for free.

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Easy, from your mobile in a friendly app.

Do you need to throw away, give away or donate an item from your home or office?

Download the FreVee app and turn what is not useful to you into a treasure for others! FreVee is simple!


Why FreVee?

Totally free

Users searching for items in FreVee can get them for free by contacting the owner through the app. Also, FreVee allows people to sell their items with no additional cost to them. We do not charge a commission of any items you sell, just pay for the post, and collect cash at the time of pick up.

help others

FreVee is a mobile application for people who need to dispose of some item in their home or office and know that perhaps other people could use it. Those folks are more than willing to pick up those items for free.

Up to 25 milles away

Users searching for items on frevee will be able to connect with item owners within a distance of up to 25 miles around them.

Publish at low cost

FreVee allows you to upload pictures of the items per a small fee; it also helps the person who needs to remove the items, and at the same time, he/she is helping others to get those items for free.

With FreVee, I managed to get an incredible item; its owner had it as garbage, but really.
Felix Doughry
First User

Prices to publish?

Here we show you the prices to publish your articles.

Get a 50% off with your first post.

This is not a recurring monthly payment.



Per month



Per month



Per month

One man trash is another man treasure.

Download the FreVee app on your smart device, create your profile, choose a plan based on the number of items that you need to give away or sell, take or upload a picture of the items and wait for someone to contact you about your items.

Frequently asked questions

The person who is posting the items is the only one who pays to upload pictures.

No. All our plans only last 30 days. After 30 days, if no one has contacted you to pick up your item or items, your item will automatically expire.

All the items that you want to give away must be in good condition, items that you know others can really use. You can sell all kinds of items that are in good working condition.

Yes, if you purchase a plan and you decided that you have more items to get rid of or more items to sale, then you can choose a plan that allows you to upload more items.

Any person who needs that extra space, or is cleaning the garage, or moving out and do not need that old mattress, or new office and is buying new office furniture and needs to get rid of the old ones


Our mission is to create a community of people that think about others before throwing their items into the garbage instead of giving them away first.